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Giants win, domain squatter loses

An enterprising domain name squatter overestimates the value of the domain name.

New Englanders weren't the only fans banking on a Patriots Super Bowl victory on Sunday. Last night, a California-based domain squatter faced disappointment as his auction for ticked down to a close with no bidders.

The auction might have had more success if the Patriots indeed won instead of cementing an 18-1 record for their season, but even then takers would have probably been sparse. The auction had a starting bid of $19,000 and a "Buy It Now" price of $150,000, pricing it out of the range of all but the most dedicated Patriots fan (or most unbelievably spiteful Giants fan). In modern Internet vernacular, the best term with which to describe this auction would be "Epic Fail."

eBay user "brucard" isn't quitting, though. While he hasn't reposted an auction for, he just put up an auction for If you have $17,000 to spend, and really, really liked the Miami Dolphins' 1973 season, check out this auction.