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Giant straw Godzilla statue stands guard over Japanese town

At almost 23 feet, this Godzilla statue with glowing LED eyes took 170 fans over four months to build in celebration of the fall harvest.

If you're going to honor a bountiful harvest in style, there's no better way to do it than with a gigantic Godzilla statue made of rice straw and bamboo.

The statue stands at an impressive 23 feet (7 meters) tall, with a 33-foot (10-meter) tail, according to a J-Cast blog post this week.

As part of an annual harvest festival in the Japanese town of Chikuzen, a team of 20 spent four months building the majority of the Godzilla statue with another 150 volunteers contributing woven straw to the finished project.

The Godzilla isn't just straw. The looming monster statue also has glowing LED eyes.

Although the tribute is intimidating, it's nothing compared with the 492-foot version as seen in the "Godzilla Resurgence" film, out in theaters.