Giant robot arm gets caption hand from readers

A photo of a massive robot arm entertaining guests at a Google I/O party this week really needed a good caption, so we reached out to readers. Here's what they came up with.

Your caption goes here.
Stephen Shankland/CNET

This robot hand, maneuvered by an operator with a sensory glove, entertained guests at a Google I/O party this week by picking up and crushing 55-gallon drums. And you, Crave readers, entertained us by crushing our caption challenge for the above shot of said bot. Here are some of our favorites, and a big hydraulic high five to all who participated.

"Easily controlled via tablet gestures, voice, and villagers screaming for mercy."
--Jason DeFoe (Thompson, N.D.)

"Wait, what's the Vulcan salute again?"
--Tim Smith (San Francisco, Calif.)

"Obamacare covers carpal tunnel, right?"
--Hank Prince (McKenzie, Tenn.)

"Why won't my web slinger fire? I can *never* remember which two fingers to use!"
--Mike Reiners (St. Paul, Minn.)

"World's worst carnival ride."
--Chris Snelling (Portland, Ore.)

"Google Maps replacing pins with giant hand pointing to your location."
--Kevin Ha (Toronto, Canada)

"In the spirit of cooperation, Google invents a robotic hand big enough to hold one of those gigantic Dell Windows tablets."
--Jason DeFoe (Thompson, N.D.)

"Now let's give the robot a big hand!!!"
--Ihor Gowda (Austin, Texas)

"Yo, dude, what was that secret handshake again?"
--Donna Boyd (Cortez, Colo.)

"Bring me a giant Apple I can throw through those Windows."
--Michael Ranney (Tustin, Calif.)

"NASA has confirmed today that Google Inc. has successfully been the first entity to 'give the middle finger' visible from space. In a related story, Google has tweeted 'Suck it Apple.'"
--Chris Snelling (Portland, Ore.)

"Pleased to meet you."
--Alex Terrazas (Truckee, Calif.)