Giant Lego snow globe contains London skyline

A UK Lego genius builds an elaborate version of London landmarks inside a massive snow globe that snows on demand.

It's always snowing inside this Lego installation.
Bright Bricks

It's always snowing on the London skyline when you're looking at the giant Lego snow globe recently installed in Covent Garden in London. The globe is the creation of Bright Brick's Duncan Titmarsh, the first Lego-certified professional in the UK.

The globe contains detailed toy-brick re-creations of 14 famous London landmarks, including Big Ben, the London Eye, and the colorful egg-shaped Gherkin. It took 125,000 bricks and 75 days to put the massive display together.

Visitors to the globe can push a button to make it snow, imbuing them with god-like powers over the toy version of London. A small posse of Santa Claus minifigs are hidden throughout the globe for a "Where's Waldo" sort of experience.

In previous years, Titmarsh built a giant Lego advent calendar and the world's tallest Lego Christmas tree, a nearly 40-foot-tall beast of a creation.

The new installation has been called the world's largest Lego snow globe, which leads me to wonder what sort of competition it has. Is there an underground network of Lego snow globes, competing against each other for size? If so, that would be pretty darn cool.

Lego snow globe Ferris wheel
A smaller version of the London Eye. Bright Bricks

(Via Design Taxi)