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Giant flashing DIY Star Wars Death Star floats above best house ever

Even Darth Vader would be impressed with this homemade suburban Death Star that measures two stories. Just don't let those Skywalker neighbors near it.

The ultimate house decoration this holiday season: a two-story, DIY light-up Death Star.
Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Though many of us have started to contemplate putting up such usual holiday house decorations as festive lights, mechanical reindeer and boughs of holly, one Star Wars fan has put us to shame with a gigantic, homemade Death Star floating on top of his house.

Granted, Colby Powell and his kids made this amazing Star Wars decor specifically to enthrall visiting trick-or-treaters for Halloween. But it's so awe-inspiring, they'd bring everyone much holiday cheer by keeping it up longer.

After all, this Death Star isn't just a 23-foot-tall (7-meter) homage to the weapon that destroyed Princess Leia's home planet. It also lights up like an Imperial disco ball thanks to strategically placed strands of LED lights.

The enormous geodesic sphere was constructed using electrical conduit and Sonostar hub couplers. The massive frame fits two T-10 military surplus parachutes Powell used for the shell, according to Make magazine.

The Death Star decoration ended up weighing 400 pounds (181.4 kilograms), which made it quite the challenge to place it atop the Powells' house in Lafayette, California, east of San Francisco.

"I work for a general contractor and we parked a 70-foot boom truck (crane) in the driveway to complete assembling the top hemisphere on the bottom hemisphere and hoist the Death Star onto the roof," Powell told Make magazine.

The end result is a glorious Death Star with flashing lights that's a true tribute to sci-fi's ultimate weapon of mass destruction. It's so beautiful even Ewoks wouldn't dare throw rocks at it.