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Giant fembots land in Tokyo's red light district

Untold millions have gone into creating a bizarre floor show of 10-foot-tall robots and dancing girls.

One of the artificial girls at Robot Restaurant in Tokyo, which is selling out its nightly dinner shows.
Tim Hornyak/CNET

They're pneumatic in all the right places.

Giant fembots have set up shop in Tokyo and they're drawing both Japanese businessmen and otaku geeks in droves.

Robot Restaurant recently opened in Kabukicho, one of the world's largest tenderloin areas, with a gimmick that combines giant robots with sexy gals.

The establishment is selling out its cheap dinner shows featuring scantily clad ladies riding around on 10-foot-tall female humanoids, also scantily clad.

From the waist up, the droids may evoke some of the silicone-enhanced girls from local hostesses clubs, and indeed they have actuators under those bikini tops.

Their arms, heads, and faces also move, but they're not too far from the Uncanny Valley of creepiness if you ask me.

Their lower extremes, however, are clunky metallic legs inspired by science fiction mecha robots like Gundam.

This fusion of human and machine, of Kabukicho and Akihabara, the electronics mecca across town, may come across like something from a carnival sideshow.

Customers are happily shelling out 3,000 yen ($38) -- a relative bargain -- for a one-hour dinner performance that includes drumming; dancing; mock tanks and B-29 bombers; slow-moving robots; and a modest bento (boxed meal) dinner. Check out a highlight in the vid below.

Along with a few other tenants, Robot Restaurant opened in a new complex with a similarly uninspiring name, the Robot Building. The entire setup is said to have cost upward of 10 billion yen ($127 million), according to Web magazine Cyzo.

The eatery will vie for customers along with Kabukicho's myriad arcades, karaoke joints, and fleshpots, not to mention the pimps and club touts.

But at least Robot Restaurant's giant, low-rent gals are ageless.