Ghost invades Peaches Geldof's selfie?

Nothing sets apart an Instagram image like a photobombing spirit. But is it the work of a haunting or a photo app?

Does the hand on Peaches Geldof's shoulder belong to a ghost or something less paranormal?
Peaches Geldof

When the daughter of British rock star Bob Geldof took a photo of herself and her son Astala, a ghostly interloper seemed to get in on the act.

An unexplainable image of a mysterious hand appeared on socialite Peaches Geldof's shoulder when she took the photo of herself and her son in the bath. When she posted the photo on Instagram she wrote:

"Close up shot of the mystery ghost hand in pic I took of Astala and me in the bath!! And no that isn't my hand -- one of mine was round his waist to hold him during the photo, the other holding the camera to take the shot. Also the hand is around my shoulder so totally weird angle if I did it myself!! How terrifying!!"

While skeptics might explain away the hand as merely an effect of double exposure, Geldof says she thinks the hand could belong to the ghost of the previous owner of the house where she lives with her family in Southeast England.

'The house was built in the 1920s by a rich man and his pregnant wife," Geldof told the Daily Mail. "However, his wife had a stillborn baby and was so grief-stricken she went mad. She apparently drowned herself in the bath."

Geldof claims the photo is real, but for those who want to pull off the ultimate Instagram ghost prank, it's easy enough to add a spirit to any photo with the GhostCam Pro app.