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Getting started with shared photo albums on Facebook

Facebook is in the middle of rolling out shared photo albums to users that allow you and your friends to contribute to albums.

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Up until recently Facebook photo albums have always been curated by the album's owner. On Monday Facebook announced it's starting to roll out a new shared photo albums feature. The new feature allows users to add contributors who can then add photos to the album themselves.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

You'll know you have the new feature when you view one of your current albums and see a pop-up alerting you your account is ready to begin sharing albums. Sharing an album with your friends is as simple as clicking on the Make Shared Album button.

If you're creating a new album, you'll have to add at least one photo before you can begin sharing the album. During my testing, I couldn't find anywhere to add a contributor until after the album was created.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

After clicking on the Make Shared Album button, you'll be asked to select a friend (or friends) to share the album with. As you begin typing names, Facebook will autofill names below the text box, making for a quick selection process.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Once you've added everyone you want to be able to contribute to the album, you'll need to decide if you want friends you invite to be able to invite friends to the album as well.

Of course you'll also need to set the privacy level for the shared album. You're given three options: public, friends of contributors, and contributors only.

Anyone you've added as a contributor will then receive an alert telling them they've been added as a contributor for the album, and asked to start adding photos.

When a friend adds a photo to a shared album you'll receive an alert. And don't worry, should you not approve of an embarrassing photo from last weekend you can delete photos added to your album. You can even revoke sharing rights by editing an album and deleting the friend from a contributors list.

This feature, once fully rolled out, will surely be a popular one.