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Getting a handle on NEC's portable desktop

Wouldn't a laptop make more sense?


Companies are always looking for a gimmick to distinguish their products from the pack and, when the direct competition means the likes of Apple and Dell, they may well need all the help they can get.

That, at least, is the predicament Japan's NEC finds itself in where all-in-one desktop PCs are concerned. So what unique feature does it boast? A handle. Yes, NEC's "PowerMate P5000" series has grown a handle in what seems to be part of some odd trend that has seized part of the technology industry. Other than that, this "hybrid" PC's specs seem fairly unremarkable, with PCLaunches reporting a 17-inch screen, AMD Turion dual core processor, 4GB of memory, 200GB hard drive, and dual-layer DVD burner.

There's just one nagging question: Rather than lug around a desktop PC with a handle, wouldn't it be easier to just get a laptop?