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Get your sales story straight, Sony

Stan Glasgow says Sony didn't discount its products on Black Friday. Oh, wait, it did.

Sony says holiday sales have been better than expected this season.

Sony Electronics President and Chief Operating Officer Stan Glasgow said Monday during a media roundtable in New York that this was due to his company's decision to avoid deeply discounting its products on Black Friday, according to a Reuters report.

"We are not a promotional company--Sony is a premium brand and we don't become the loss leaders in the industry," Glasgow said. "We generally don't expect to have a very good Thanksgiving or just-after Thanksgiving. It's been better than we expected and projected."

OK, but let's flash back to last week--Glasgow's statement doesn't exactly jibe with what Sony's consumer sales group acknowledged to CNET Sony offered deep discounts on several of its flat panel and rear-projection televisions from Nov. 24 to Nov. 27, the same Thanksgiving shopping season Glasgow referenced. Discounts ranged from $600 to $900 on a range of LCD and microdisplay TVs.

When questioned about the discrepancy, a company spokesperson said that Glasgow was speaking about Sony Electronics as a whole. "While we did offer discounts on the TVs; we didn't really offer a close-out (price) on everything out there. From that perspective, from hundreds of products, sure some of our TVs went on sale, but it's not like we priced down everything," said the spokesperson. "Overall, that's a pretty fair statement."