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Get your own huggable, squeezable Weighted Companion Cube

Valve is going to sell plush Weighted Companion Cubes from the game "Portal" on its Web site.

Weighted Companion Cube plush toy
You know you want to.

Portal has caused something of a stir among gamers. The unassuming little physics-warping first-person puzzler has gotten a lot of attention for two of its unique characters, the SHODAN-on-valium computer system GLaDOS and the Weighted Companion Cube. GLaDOS hasn't seen much love among DIY gamers, mostly because she's a disembodied voice for most of the game. The Weighted Companion Cube, on the other hand, has seen replicas, cakes, and even (like in my case) Halloween costumes.

Valve has recognized the WCC nerd-obession and plans to duly cash in on it. The company will sell plush Weighted Companion Cubes. The large Plush Weighted Companion Cube is just a cuddly cube for you to put on your desk, couch, bed, or anywhere you want people to realize how much of a geek you are. If that's not enough, Steam will also sell plush Weighted Companion Cube rear-view mirror danglers, knocking ThinkGeek's fuzzy D20 dice off its throne as Nerdiest Car Accessory Ever.

I'm personally waiting for the Weighted Companion Cube Fridge. My portal gun needs ice-cold bottles of Newcastle for fuel.