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I'm proud to introduce the first episode of CNET Update, our new tech news show. Every weekday afternoon, CNET Update delivers the top tech stories of the day, exploring why it matters and how it impacts your life. The show keeps a close eye on emerging trends, hot devices and new apps. As your host, I'll also give you a heads up about upcoming news and announcements.

And it's all in less than three minutes. Take a look:

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CNET Update is the tech news you need, fast and complete. It'll publish every afternoon, so be sure to sync up with the video or audio podcast to listen on your commute home. You can also catch it on CNET's mobile apps, and subscribe to the CNET Update newsletter for links to all the stories mentioned in the show. For all our episodes and links to subscribe to the podcast, visit

Today is also the launch of CNET's new interactive video player, which you can find on stories throughout CNET News. While I'm discussing a story in the show, a link to more information will appear on the right side of the video player. Click on the link and the video will pause, opening the story in a new window.

The new interactive video player includes links to stories mentioned in CNET Update.

We hope you find the show to be a helpful source of insight into the exciting and ever-changing tech world. And please share your feedback with us at, or send a message via Twitter to @BridgetCarey or @CNETUpdate. We want to hear what you think as the show evolves.

Thanks for watching.

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