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Get spooked by watching the new 'Crimson Peak' trailer

Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures have released a trailer for "Crimson Peak," an upcoming haunted-house movie from Guillermo del Toro that looks pretty darn scary.

Guillermo del Toro, the mastermind behind "Pan's Labyrinth," "Pacific Rim" and the "Hellboy" series, is working on a gothic horror movie called "Crimson Peak." The first trailer for the film debuted Wednesday, and dang does it look scary.

In the clip, we see a woman (played by Mia Wasikowska) who has been haunted by ghosts all her life fall for a mysterious man (Tom Hiddleston) who whisks her away to his haunted childhood home that "breathes, bleeds...and remembers." The house is gorgeous and alive, filled with ghouls who seem to spook and terrify at every turn.

Famous contemporary horror author Stephen King was treated to an advanced screening of "Crimson Peak" back in March and commented that the movie is "f**king terrifying," which is pretty much the best compliment you can pay a horror movie. It really makes you wonder how good the video game Silent Hills (a collaboration between del Toro, legendary video game designer Hideo Kojima and "The Walking Dead" actor Norman Reedus) would have been if it hadn't been cancelled by Konami. And yes, I'm still superbummed about that, perhaps even more so after watching this incredible trailer.

If Stephen King is calling "Crimson Peak" terrifying, you know it's probably going to be worth a watch. "Crimson Peak" is set to hit movie theaters in Australia on October 15, followed by the US and UK on October 16.