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Get real-time location info on meetups

Keeping track of meetups for work, family or friends can be a hassle. FlockThere makes it simple to track your people in real time and check in to see who's running late.

Should you order dinner now or wait a few more minutes for that friend who's running late? FlockThere is a free app for iOS and Android that show you where your people are in real time and lets you check in with them instantly. Here's how it works:

  1. Install the free FlockThere app here.
  2. Start the app and register for a free account. 
  3. To start a new event (or "flock"), just select Invite Flock at the bottom, then tap Invite New Group. FlockThere saves your groups, so if you use one frequently, you won't have to keep adding names manually.
  4. Enter the names or phone numbers of the contacts you want to add to your flock, or just tap a group you've used in the past. Any contacts who don't have the app will get text messages directing them to the FlockThere Web page, where they can follow along and chat.
  5. Now you can edit the name of the event as well as its time and place.
  6. To check in with or edit a Flock, just select Flocks at the bottom and then pick one of your active or upcoming flocks. You can invite new folks, check messages and more.
  7. When a Flock is active, you can easily see where people are and send direct messages to check on arrival times. FlockThere provides some common messages like "On my way" or "I'm driving" to send instantly or you can type in your own.
    Active Flock
    Active Flock FlockThere, Inc.
  8. If for some reason you want to hide your location, just tap Sharing at the bottom right when you're looking at the Flock. This toggles your visibility.
  9. You can also set up a Flock by text message, e-mail, or most calendar apps by composing a message or event and adding to the CC list.

That's it! FlockThere is terrific for families with teens, extended peer groups, work teams and many other groups that need to keep up with each other.