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Get ready to rock this week on CNET Live!

The Guitar Zeros stop by CNET Live

On this week's CNET Live, there will be an extra special musical guest...The Guitar Zeros! Based in San Francisco, The Guitar Zeros is a band inspired by the hit game, Guitar Hero. The catch is, these guys have modded the game controllers to mimic a real guitar. Tom Merritt is going to have a jam session with the video game rockstars, and see how their technology works.

Last week, Brian turned the tables--he asked the audience a question. Every time he smacked his mouse on the table, his PC went buggy. Don't worry, Brian has been enrolled in PC anger management sessions. And luckily, one viewer even found the answer to his query (a natural cure)! We will have the winner of the contest on the line to discuss the outcome of this tricky conundrum.

CNET Editors Donald Bell and Kent German will be featured in this week's juicy Insider Secrets, discussing the gadget of the moment--the Apple iPhone. Plus, the boys will reveal what tech they have been craving and their Download of the Week.

As always, Tom and Brian will be all ears when it's showtime. So, give them a call at 1-888-900-CNET, starting as early as 12:40 p.m. PT, to be the fortunate first caller!

Tune in to this Thursday's rockin' CNET Live at 1 p.m. PT, on CNET TV.