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Get ready for spy bots that fly through open windows

These eyes in the sky are tethered to their controllers, giving them virtually unlimited power. They could be used by military and police.

CyPhy Works

You gotta hand it to the marketers who come up with robot acronyms. Can it get any better than Extreme Access System for Entry (EASE)?

Sounds innocuous enough, right? Until this little critter tries to float into your room to spy on you. It's one of two bots unveiled by CyPhy Works, headed by iRobot co-founder Helen Greiner.

EASE and PARC (that's Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance & Communication), a communications relay, are compact flying machines that can fly between 3 feet and 1,000 feet while remaining tethered to their human controllers via microfilaments.

The cable serves as a source of power and a medium for HD video transmission, keeping the bots aloft for longer than traditional wireless UAVs and preventing jamming by enemies. EASE and PARC are designed to stick to one area instead of flying long distances.

They could be used by military, police, and first responders in disasters to scope out buildings and search for enemy soldiers, criminals, or people in distress. They could also inspect buildings, bridges, and other structures for damage.

Check out the vid below of EASE being put to the test at Fort Benning, Georgia. What would you do if you saw it outside your window?

(Via Wired)