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Get psyched over this fan-made 'Star Wars: Episode VII' poster

If you love "Star Wars," check out the best "Episode VII" poster we've seen yet.

"I know that the movies will not center around these characters, but I wanted to create an image based on what I thought could happen if there was no new cast," said artist Adam Schickling.
Adam Schickling

If you're on the fence about seeing an elder Luke, Han, and Leia return to the next installment of "Star Wars," it's possible artist Adam Schickling's illustration of a mock "Episode VII" poster could get you in the mood to see some geriatric Jedis on the silver screen.

Schickling, a 37-year-old professional illustrator based in New York, drew and painted the 30x40-inch "Star Wars" art by hand over the course of four weeks. The mock poster features most of the beloved characters from the original trilogy -- including Luke, Han, Leia, Chewbacca, Lando, R2-D2, and C-3PO -- with some extra gray hair and wrinkles. Well, except the droids, who don't really age.

In a chat with Crave, the artist said the excitement of the upcoming movie inspired him to create a piece he'd want to see on theater lobby walls. Schickling said prolific movie poster artist Drew Struzan heavily influenced his style during college.

After completing the initial sketches, "I did all the details with darker pencils, then added the black paint to the darkest areas," Schickling said. "I used an airbrush with acrylic paint to add in the color, then all the light and mid tone details were added using colored pencil to give it sharp crisp detail. Finally, I added the lightest whites and the darkest blacks, and you have yourself a really cool-looking poster." We agree.

Thanks to James Ferrie for bringing this image to our attention.