Get prepared for Windows 8

Surface is just the start of devices from Microsoft, images leak of a 10-inch Google tablet, and there's a long wait list for the Wii U.

Thursday's CNET Update prepares for a new era:

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Windows 8 arrives at 12:01 a.m. local time Friday -- are you ready? CNET has everything you need to prepare for the new system, including a buying guide, as well as tips and tricks to navigating the new interface.

Microsoft's Surface RT tablet also arrives Friday, but Surface is just the start of a new line of devices from Microsoft. CEO Steve Ballmer has said Microsoft will build more devices under its name. So maybe we'll see a Surface Mini someday, or even a Microsoft Phone.

Google also has a few new devices to announce on Monday, which may include a 10-inch tablet. Images of a Nexus 10 tablet owner's manual have leaked online. We're expecting Google to dish out more details about this during a Monday press event.

Sony announced that the Xperia TL, an android smartphone used by James Bond in the upcoming movie "Skyfall," will cost $100 and go on sale Nov. 4 at AT&T.

Better get your name on a waiting list now for the Wii U. Nintendo announced that more than 250,000 people are on a GameStop waiting list to get one after it's released on November 18. The initial preorder shipments have already sold out.

The iPad Mini could also have a hard time meeting demand because of limited screen production, according to an analyst with NPD DisplaySearch. Preorders for iPads begin Friday at midnight Pacific. (Apple hasn't officially said will take orders at midnight, but that's the time preorders have begun in the past.) There's already been a huge spike in people trying to sell back their old iPads for cash on sites like Gazelle and NextWorth.

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