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Get naked on a glacier

Photographer Spencer Tunick will be conducting a nude photo shoot, in conjunction with Greenpeace, on a Swiss glacier.

Spencer Tunick photo from I-20 gallery.
While this Spencer Tunick photo from the I-20 gallery looks like a glacier, Tunick's glacier shoot will take place next month. I-20 Gallery

How many naked people can you fit on a shrinking glacier? According to a report by Reuters, New York photographer Spencer Tunick plans to find out next month when he teams up with Greenpeace to shoot another in his long series of nude photos of large groups of people. Tunick will hold his shoot on a Swiss glacier the weekend of August 18 and is seeking volunteers for the Greenpeace shoot. The Reuters report says that volunteers can register at, but when I checked it, that was a dead link. If you want to offer up your body for any of Tunick's future projects, you can do so at his Web site.

You can also check out some of Tunick's prior work in his section of the I-20 gallery online.