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Get motivated by challenging your friends on Leap

Getting motivated is a huge challenge for most of us. With new iPhone app Leap, you can challenge friends to complete random tasks with you, hopefully providing some motivation in the end.

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Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Leap day: what better time to launch a new iPhone app, especially if the app's name happens to be Leap? Leap uses challenges to motivate users to accomplish various tasks. Following the "pics or it didn't happen" mantra, users are only awarded points for pictures they upload of a completed task. The challenges can be serious in nature, or something to create some laughs.

Once you have uploaded a photo to a challenge, you will earn a point and your competitors (friends) will be notified of your latest post. If they feel you have cheated in any way, they can mark your photo as a foul. If half of the challengers mark it as a foul, it won't count. You're not only motivated to beat your friends, you are also held accountable.

While some may view the gamification of just about anything you can think of as a fad, there is something to be said about appealing to the competitive side of people. By challenging friends to go hipster spotting (real challenge in the Leap beta) or keeping Inbox Zero for a week, users are sure to stay engaged and motivated.

Some advice for creating a challenge: keep it simple. The Inbox Zero challenge is a great example; the goal is for your inbox to be at zero once a day. Snap a pic and upload it. Challenges that require multiple uploads per day will quickly begin to feel like a chore. (At least this was my experience while completing challenges during the beta.)

Currently the only way to log in to Leap is with a Facebook account. An update will bring more log-in options in the future, as well as some enhancements to the app. Also, Android users, don't feel too left out: an Android version of the app will come after the iOS app is smoothed out.

Download Leap from the App Store and begin challenging your friends to be more productive.