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Get hands-on with 2012's coolest systems in our Laptop Talk Show

Shot live on stage at CES 2012, check out our special hands-on roundup of all the coolest laptops of 2012.

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It's not every year that laptops take center stage (or even close to it) at CES. But in 2012, a combination of ultrabook hype and inventive product designs combined to make portable computers the most interesting category of the show.

A few weeks back, during CES, we shot the second version of what we're now calling the Laptop Talk Show. The show was streamed live online, and shot in front of a live audience, but has not been made available for on-demand viewing until now. This year's version features myself, Scott Stein, and Molly Wood going over the best laptops of the show, with plenty of hands-on time for each.

Some of the laptops included here are obvious choices. We had the HP Envy 14 Spectre, most notable for it's glass-covered body (and still technically an ultrabook, even if a larger 14-inch one). Also onhand was Dell's XPS 13, looking even more like a MacBook Air than ever next to the other laptops.

More outre was Lenovo's Yoga, a laptop/tablet hybrid that flips into several different positions, and which runs Windows 8. Also representing Windows 8 was Acer's Aspire S5. At only 15mm thick, it claims to be the thinnest ultrabook to date, and of course, it has that clever motorized panel in the back for access to all the ports and connections.

In the video presented here, Molly, Scott, and I debate the pros and cons of each system (trust me, despite the cool designs, there are plenty of cons), and you'll find out roughly when each will be available and what it'll cost. Let us know what you think of the format in the comments section.