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Get a whiff of Asus' scented laptops

For those with knowing noses, Asus is out with a line of fragrant laptops. Pick from four scents.

F6 Floral Blossom
Go with Floral Blossom...

Something to note about Eee PC maker Asus' new line of fragrant laptops: the lifespan of their scent depends on how much you use the computer. If you make an F6 your primary machine, therefore, chances are great it will gradually lose its invigorating ocean-at-dawn aroma and end up smelling like an old IBM ThinkPad.

If you can handle that possibility--and you like the idea of your PC doubling as perfume--perhaps you'll like the line. The special-edition laptops come in four designs, each with a corresponding scent.

F6 Morning Dew
...or opt for Morning Dew. Asus

Floral Blossom is pink with a flowery smell; Musky Black sports graffiti art and emits an earthy musk; Morning Dew comes in pastel green and offers that refreshing early a.m. je ne sais quoi; and Aqua Ocean gives off an aquatic aroma and comes with sky and wave imagery on the cover.

The laptops come with a 13.3-inch screen, an Intel Core2 Duo processor, an integrated Webcam, up to 320GB of hard drive space, and up to 4GB of DRAM support. They also have a fingerprint scanner for secure access.

Pricing and availability on the models have not yet been announced. As far as we know, you will not have to pass a sniff test to buy one.