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George R.R. Martin's 'werewolf noir' novella to become a Cinemax TV pilot

Does the thought of a crime procedural about a werewolf debt collector make you howl with delight? It could soon be on the way thanks to the "Game of Thrones" author's latest print-to-TV project.

George R.R. Martin speaks during the Harbour Front Literature festival in Hamburg in June 2015. Bodo Marks/EPA/Corbis

If there's one genre that doesn't get enough exposure on TV, it's werewolf noir.

We can catch plenty of young-adult werewolf stories on "Teen Wolf" and "Vampire Diaries." There's even an adult werewolf romance called "Bitten." But werewolf detectives have been sadly lacking in representation. Until now.

The man who brought us "Game of Thrones" has a new TV series in the works. George R.R. Martin plans to executive-produce a werewolf crime procedural for US TV network Cinemax based on "Skin Trade," a novella he wrote in 1988.

"Skin Trade" -- which originally appeared in the horror anthology "Night Visions 5" -- is about a debt collector named Willie Flambeaux who uncovers a series of mysterious murders with the help of his private-investigator pal Randi Wade. It has all the hallmarks of a typical crime procedural, but there's a twist: Flambeaux is also a werewolf.

"I have always thought there was a TV series (or maybe a feature film) in Willie Flambeaux and Randi Wade," Martin wrote on his blog over the weekend. "Those of you who know the story of 'Doorways,' my ill-fated ABC pilot from the early 90s, may even recall that it was 'Skin Trade' that I was actually trying to sell back in 1991, when I flew out to LA for a round of pitch meetings. So we're a few decades late..."

"Skin Trade" won the World Fantasy Award the year it was published. It's also been made into a comic book series adapted by writer Daniel Abraham and with art from Mike Wolfer.

Martin handpicked writer and producer Kalinda Vazquez ("Once Upon a Time") to pen the TV pilot and produce "Skin Trade" if it's picked up for a full series by Cinemax.

"Kalinda's take on the story and the characters blew me away," Martin wrote on his blog. "She loves the story and the world, and really seems to get Willie and Randi, and her pitch to Cinemax was one of the most polished and professional I've ever heard. I love her enthusiasm, and look forward to working with her."

Of course, some fans may be wondering why Martin isn't writing the pilot for "Skin Trade" himself. But he has a very good reason few of us can argue with.

"While I would have loved to write the script and run the show myself myself, that was never really in the cards," Martin responded on his blog. "I have this book to finish. You know the one."

Yes we do, George. Keep writing!