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Come one, come all, to the greatest collection of knowledge ever assembled by human kind! Is it Wikipedia? No! Is it a digitization of the ancient Library of Alexandria? No! (And what's a library?)

Updated June 2012

Instead, it's an epic one-stop repository of home theater and HDTV info. Here you'll find the best and most helpful AV-centric articles written by me and others, both here on CNET and elsewhere on the Web.

They're categorized by topic and updated constantly, so check back regularly. Bookmark for fun and profit! Read every one and become an expert in all things audio/video! Better yet, once you're an expert, you don't have to answer your in-laws' questions; just send them this guide in a passive-aggressive fit of brilliance.

So without further babbling (and pompous hyperbolic dabbling)...

How HDTVs work (deep background)

The Definitive Guide to Video Processing Geoffrey Morrison via EH Publishing
Contrast ratio (or how every TV manufacturer lies to you)
and a follow up
Why plasma HDTV's contrast ratios are better than they appear

What is TV color temperature, and why does it matter?

What is upconverting?

The definitive guide to video processing

240 Hz and Beyond

HDTV color and color spaces explained

How 3D content works: Blu-ray vs. broadcast

Is LCD and LED LCD HDTV uniformity a problem?

Is plasma HDTV burn-in a problem?

Active 3D vs. passive 3D: What's better?

Shopping (don't get ripped off)

LED LCD vs plasma vs LCD

When should I upgrade my HDTV?

When is the best time to buy an HDTV?

Should I buy a floor-model TV?

What makes a good HDTV?

What makes a good Blu-ray player?

Why all HDMI cables are the same HDMI.org
How to read an HDTV review

How to read a TV review, part 2: Calibration results

Why all HDMI cables are the same

Why all HDMI cables are the same, part 2

Beware the end of sale--don't get tricked into buying extras you don't need

New HDTV energy guide labels explained

What's a refurbished HDTV? Deal or no deal?

HDTV buying guide

Best Blu-ray players

Best network video streamers

Why do plasma TVs look washed out in the store?

Setting up and calibration (getting the most out of your TV)

How to set up an HDTV (a beginner's guide) Geoffrey Morrison
Five tips for a better HDTV picture

How to set up an HDTV (a beginner's guide)

HDTV settings explained

How to set a TV up by eye

Reviewed: Blu-ray setup discs for your HDTV

How to get free HDTV

What is HDTV calibration?

Are you really watching HD on your HDTV? Maybe not.

How to rid your HDTV of reflections/glare.

How high should I put my TV?

Why doesn't my TV say 120Hz/240Hz?

When HD isn't HD

How do I get HD from one source to multiple TVs?

Two TVs, one room

Don't forget audio!

The Audiophiliac - Steve Gutteberg's awesome blog on audio goodness

Compression is killing your music Geoffrey Morrison
How to make your speakers sound better

How to set up a subwoofer

Subwoofers: 4, 2, or 1?

How to stop subwoofer bass from 'leaking' into other rooms

Compression is killing your music

Distortion: What really happens when you crank the volume knob too high

Dolby TrueHD & DTS-HD MA vs. uncompressed PCM

Dolby Pro Logic IIz vs. Audyssey DSX vs. DTS

Best 5 home audio products

Surround-sound buying guide

How to amplify the dialogue from your HDTV

Output Impedance: A Show and Tell (Why Amps Sound different)

Time to upgrade?

Should you upgrade your home theater gear?

Home theater makeover, start with a power amplifier

When should I upgrade my HDTV?

When should I upgrade my projector?

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