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Gennum nx6000: Yet another tiny headset

Gennum nx6000: a small, light, and flexible headset debuts at CES.

Gennum nx6000

There's no shortage of Bluetooth headsets here at CES, and the Gennum nx6000 stood out as one of the smallest ones we've seen. Weighing in at only 0.38 ounce, and sporting a more flexible earloop and smaller earpiece, the nx6000 is an improvement from Gennum's previous headset designs. It comes with a mini-USB jack for recharging and as a way to "future-proof" the device, as Gennum plans to enable consumers to download future firmware updates. The nx6000 has a battery strength indicator feature and utilizes Gennum's noise-cancellation technology, which isolates the user's voice from ambient noise. Gennum says the nx6000 has 6 hours of talk time and 90 hours of standby time, and that it will be available by midyear for $129.99 each.