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Generate an insult-spewing North Korean press release online

Denounce yourself or your friends in no uncertain terms with the online North Korea Press Release Generator.

North Korea faux press release
It looks like my time is up in North Korea.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

North Korea is known for its heavy hand with both photoshopped images meant to convey its might and press releases announcing the removal of prominent people from power.

The over-the-top language accompanying last week's announcement of the execution of leader Kim Jon Un's uncle inspired BoingBoing's online North Korea Press Release Generator.

The generator pulls its material from various messages spit out by the North Korean government over the years. The person you wish to denounce will be called lower than a dog, an enemy of the party, and a hooligan bereft of any personality.

You can select the name of the person or thing to be denounced. You can try it with "Santa," but you probably won't want your kids to read about how "Santa is sadly mistaken, drenched various parts of the world in blood, and has had their true colors glaringly revealed."

Each randomly generated release lays out a solid collection of kooky insults and threatens justice and retaliation. You can denounce your friends and share it on Facebook and Twitter. Just don't try to use it to generate a press release for your business, you thrice-cursed traitor.