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Geeky contact lenses: The window to your nerdy soul

Whether you're a Batman fan or need to finish a Darth Maul costume, expressing your geekiness in unsettling ways is only a contact lens away.

Voldemort contact lens
Voldemort lenses give you the look of a "Harry Potter" villain.

Crazy contact lenses were once the sole provenance of Hollywood special-effects departments, but now all sorts of geeky fantasies can be fulfilled with decorative lenses. Gaze through the Batman signal. Glower with Voldemort red eyes. Wink with the Eye of Sauron.

There are a few safety issues to keep in mind about wearing decorative contact lenses. You're dealing with your eyes, an important part of your body you don't want to screw up for the sake of looking a little more like Voldemort for a few hours.

Visit an eye doctor first, even if your vision is 20/20. Legitimate sources of decorative contact lenses in the U.S. will request a copy of your prescription prior to the sale. Look for lenses with FDA approval and follow usage instructions. For example, your green Incredible Hulk contacts probably aren't rated for wearing overnight, so don't leave them in.

If you've followed all these steps and gone about it the right way, you could be well on your way to adding that one final awesome costume detail that really puts your Darth Maul outfit over the top.

We've rounded up some of the creepiest, geekiest, and most scientific contact lenses out there for your perusal. You might be looking for the finishing touch for your cosplay outfit, or just looking to freak out your friends.