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Geekify your living room with a recycled Mac coffee table

Obsolete desktops find a new purpose in life propping up your feet in the form of a G3 or G4 Mac coffee table.

Crunching Numbers G3 coffee table
The Crunching Numbers G3 table is available in regular or custom colors.
Reform Designs

You're lounging on your couch watching "Star Trek" reruns. You need someplace to set your sleek new MacBook. How about on your Crunching Numbers G4 coffee table, where its ancestors can keep it company while you're gone?

Reform Designs is recycling old Macs in a creative way by turning them into coffee tables that will match your geeky decor. The whole table is made from up to 70 percent reclaimed materials, so you can feel green about your purchase.

The tables are available au naturale, or done up with coatings into different color combinations. A Crunching Numbers table will set you back $600, with customization options adding onto that price tag.

Reform didn't just slap a couple old Macs under a piece of glass. There are sweet extra details like a large coil in between the desktops and an industrial-looking spinner handle on each side.

This could be the ideal piece of furniture for Apple fanboys or anyone nostalgic for the days of translucent plastic Macs. Now we're just waiting for an original iMac ottoman to complete the look.

Crunching Numbers G4 coffee table
If G4 is more your thing, you can get a G4 table. Reform Designs

(Via Geeky Gadgets)