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Geek pasties turn 'Star Trek,' Grumpy Cat into bosom buddies

Shake your geek thing with sequined pasties that show your devotion to science fiction, comics, casual games, and cat memes.

Star Trek and Apple pasties
Spock, have you seen my command pasties?

The words "geeky" and "sexy" haven't always seemed like they should go together, but a line of geek pasties from Etsy is looking to change that perception.

Pasties, for those unfamiliar with the term, are patches that cover part of the bosom for modesty or decorative purposes. In my mind, the highlight of MontabahnPasties' offerings is the "Star Trek" pasties. The famous logo/uniform insignia is available in either silver or pink versions with coordinating tassels. Though these look like the insignia from "Star Trek: The Next Generation," they're not likely to trigger your communicator when tapped.

For the meme crowd, there are Nyan Cat and Grumpy Cat pasties. The Nyan Cat pasties are particularly well rendered, complete with butt rainbow and rosy kitty cheeks. If you're more into feathery geek things, then the Angry Birds Red Bird pasties are worth checking into.

Apple fans will have plenty to dance for with the Apple logo pasties. Sorry, Android users, I couldn't find green droid pasties anywhere in the Etsy store.

Each set of sparkly, cotton-backed pasties costs $45. They come with pasty tape, application instructions, and the promise to "never leave residue behind." One size fits all.

These pasties may be intended for the geek ladies, but there's no reason geek guys couldn't get in on the fun. A set of Spider-Man coverings may be just the ticket for subtly expressing your Marvel allegiance at the next Comic-Con.

Grumpy Cat pasties
Turn that frown upside-down, Grumpy Cat. MontabahnPasties

(Via Fashionably Geek)