Geek out over Legend of Zelda playing cards

Tired of digital distractions? Video games go old school with a set of playing cards inspired by the Legend of Zelda.

Christopher MacManus
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Christopher MacManus
Just a sample of the amazing art in the Legend playing cards. Can you name these characters? FanGamer

Forget about those tired playing cards with spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. When you play with Cards of Legend, you deal out suits such as sword, heartpiece, rupee, and of course, the legendary Triforce. I can just imagine the jealousy-filled eyes the next time these come out at a geeky gathering.

Created by Swiss designer Nelde, this special set of 56 playing cards features the good, the bad, and the ugly characters of Hyrule in a retro card design similar to a standard deck. The Playing Card Company manufactures the Zelda cards -- available with red or blue backs -- and prints them on the same paper stock as Bicycle playing cards.

Of course, Link and Zelda make an appearance as the jack and queen, respectively, as well as a wide range of baddies like Ganon, Dark Link, Majora, and others from the iconic video game series. The extraordinary attention to detail in each card -- as evidenced by the pictures and reviews -- should satisfy those who balk at the $15 cost on FanGamer (the exclusive retailer for the set). Hyah!

Which suit is your favorite? FanGamer