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Watch a gator carry its massive prey across golf course

An ambitious alligator startles a group of golfers by carrying its catch of the day across the grass on its way to take a dip.

Another day, another bizarre alligator sighting in Florida.

A good-sized gator interrupted a round of golf at the Seven Springs Golf Course by moseying across the grass while carrying a massive fish in its mouth. Golfer Norma Respess captured a simultaneously startling and amusing video of the event.

The alligator seems to be moving more slowly than usual thanks to its impressive burden. Respess narrates the video with a sense of wonder and plenty of "wows." She tells the gator she's glad it got the fish as it strolls into a nearby pond. Respess and the other golfers wisely give the gator a wide berth.

Meteorologist Denis Phillips with television station WFTS shared Respess's video on Facebook on Thursday and quickly attracted over 440,000 views.

The hungry reptile is in good company among viral alligator stars. An orange alligator popped up in South Carolina in February, earning it the nickname "Trumpagator." In 2016, a jumbo golf-course alligator starred in a funny "Jurrasic Park" mashup video. It just goes to the show the internet loves a good gator sighting.