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Gather 'round Cyrcle for real-world social-media alerts

Facebook, Twitter, and other social-media stalwarts could soon have a way to escape into the real world thanks to Cyrcle, a social-media notification device.

Choose your own notifications.

Cyrcle is a bit hard to define. It's a Kickstarter project. It's an augmented-reality device. It's a creature of social media. Its maker Symplio calls it an "intelligent decorative object."

We met Cyrcle's prototype predecessor Rymble last year. The new incarnation is pretty different, though they both share a circular shape and a similar desire to bring social-media notifications into the real world.

Cyrcle can be customized in a variety of ways. You can set it to react when you get new Facebook likes, when your favorite restaurant racks up a bunch of check-ins, or when George Takei sends out a new tweet. The Wi-Fi device can make noises, light up, or vibrate to notify you of whatever social-media happening you set it for.

Cyrcle is designed to work with an augmented-reality app for Android and iOS. You can physically map out your notifications on the device itself using stickers or an erasable marker. View it through the app, and you'll see those icons pop out. Tap an icon and it will connect you to more information related to the alert.

Symplio is chasing a pretty hefty $220,000 Kickstarter goal. The early-bird pledge price for one of the devices is $119. It will be interesting to see if Cyrcle captures enough imaginations to reach its funding goal and go into production.

Check out the video of a customized Cyrcle set to react to #darthvader on Twitter.