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Gateway's TV world gets flatter

The company is adding two more LCD televisions to its flat-screen TV lineup, as it steps up its efforts to reinvent itself.

Gateway on Wednesday announced that this month it will add two more liquid-crystal display televisions to its flat-screen TV lineup.

The new 13-inch and 30-inch LCD models build on Gateway's efforts to reinvent itself amid a difficult PC market. The Poway, Calif.-based company in July introduced 17-inch and 18-inch LCD sets.

Gateway, which reports third-quarter earnings later this month, is looking to its home entertainment gear as a way to boost its revenue and profitability after a string of quarterly losses. TV sales helped ease the company's second-quarter loss.

The company's 13-inch LCD television is intended for customers who are looking for a smaller, lower-priced set to place in rooms such as the home kitchen. The set, priced at $399, is Gateway's least-expensive flat-screen television. Gateway's next size up, a 17-inch LCD television, costs $699.

Gateway's 30-inch LCD TV model offers a wide aspect ratio screen, meaning it will allow viewers to watch movies without black bars appearing on the top and bottom of the screen. The $2,999 television will come with a remote that can control as many as eight other devices, the company said.

The two televisions will be available Oct. 16.

Meanwhile, Gateway lowered the prices of some of its existing sets in advance of the newer models. The company dropped the price of its 17-inch LCD television by $100 to $699, according to its Web site.

The company cut the price of its 42-inch high-definition plasma television by $100 to $3,899 and its 50-inch high-definition plasma model by $500 to $6,499. Gateway's least-expensive plasma, a 42-inch model, now starts at $2,899.

The company also on Wednesday launched a 1,000-watt home theater system. The 1,000-watt KAS-303 system will come with a receiver, a DVD player, six speakers and a subwoofer for $999.