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Gateway's new notebook with a twist

Gateway's new light convertible notebook.

A PC with a twisty screen you can write on almost always=cool, and Thursday Gateway will release its latest take on the concept with the E-155C Thin & Light Convertible Notebook.

Gateway E-155C
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This one is aimed at students. The E-155C looks like a notebook, but works like a tablet PC with digital pen and touchscreen capability, with a screen that swivels 180 degrees in both directions. It has a 12-inch wide screen, Core 2 Duo processor, biometric fingerprint reader for security, and an alarm and flashing LED light should someone try to break in. All of this weighs in at 4.5 pounds, which isn't the lightest convertible notebook out there, but that's pretty close.

It also runs Vista, which Gateway says improves the digital pen's pick-up accuracy, and has anti-reflection technology for viewing the screen outdoors.

Gateway says the E-155C is available for ordering at its online store now for $1,849.99.