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Gateway goes Vista, hones its desktops' already sharp looks

Gateway shows new desktops at CES 2007.

Gateway's eMachines desktops get a cleaner look.

Gateway is holding back most of the details on its new, Vistafied eMachines and Gateway DX430 desktops, but we did get to take a look at two engineering samples today. Highlights include tweaks to both brands' already strong visual appeal, as well as removable faceplates on the bottom half of each desktop, which could open the door for some customizable image options in the future.

The Gateway desktop also gets a makeover. Gateway

You can expect that Gateway will continue to offer AMD and Intel dual-core chips in both systems, as well as Celeron on the lower-end eMachines. Gateway has also added a USB 2.0 media card reader to all of its new eMachines systems, a welcome step up from the USB 1.1 model on the older models, especially if you want to transfer large amounts of photos or other data. We'll know more about the full range of configurations and pricing when Gateway releases the systems on January 30, 2007.