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Gateway exiting Ireland, England

Confirming its plans to focus on the U.S. market, the direct PC seller says it will pull out of Ireland and England.

Reiterating its plans to concentrate on the U.S. market, Gateway confirmed Monday that it will pull out of Ireland and England.

The direct PC seller, which also recently exited Asia, had notified its workers in Ireland and England last month of its proposal to shut down, triggering a 30-day consultation period required by law in those countries.

"We've completed that process," Gateway spokeswoman Donna Kather said. "We are closing operations in that area."

As of Sunday, Gateway has closed its stores in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The only country where Gateway is still doing business is France, where the company is still in its consultation process to shut down.

The move out of Europe will result in roughly 1,100 job cuts and $200 million in charges, part of $475 million in restructuring charges Gateway expects to take in the current quarter.

San Diego-based Gateway plans to cut 25 percent of its global work force as part of a massive restructuring aimed at focusing on its strongest area, the U.S. consumer and small-business market.

London-based staff Writer Matt Loney contributed to this report.