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Gateway catches up to the notebook design bandwagon

The big trend of the past two years was colorful notebooks with artsy designs, and now Gateway's getting on board. But what's next?

Erica Ogg Former Staff writer, CNET News
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Erica Ogg
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Welcome, Gateway!

So, you're doing the colored/crazy-designed notebook thing now, huh? Yeah, so is, well, everyone else.


It's pretty well-established now that the masses see their computer as an extension of their personalities. First, it was the brightly hued notebook trend that all the top-tier PC makers were latching on to, including Gateway. Now as a laptop vendor, it seems you have to offer some artsy-looking version of a standard notebook to even get noticed anymore. (With the exception of Apple, which garners plenty of attention with its commitment to minimalism.)

Cases in point: Sony, which already has a deserved reputation for making good-looking laptops, did these limited-edition artist-designed notebooks last fall. Hewlett-Packard had this eye-catching one on display at the Consumer Electronics Show last week--designed by a 21-year-old kid, no less. Even conservative, buttoned-up Dell has been experimenting in color and customized lids--OK, so World of Warcraft themes aren't exactly high art, but they count--for the last six months. Heck, start-ups like NVousPC are trying to make a business out of the unique-looking laptop trend.

Will this year's notebook trend be textured lids? Lenovo

Gateway's addition to the pack is taking its M- and T-series notebooks, slathering them in more colors--besides Garnet Red and Pacific Blue there will also be Merlot and Silver options--and adding a new design called Arctic Bloom. Gateway says there will be no price premium if you order one of the notebooks (which cost between $800 and $1,400) with that design. All new colors and designs will be available beginning Thursday.

For this year, I'd venture to guess that interesting textures are going to be the next must-have design detail. Lenovo threw down the gauntlet with its striking red, vine-patterned 11-inch IdeaPad earlier this month.

So...who's next?