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Gates to keynote CES, while CeBit rejiggers itself

As he typically does, the Microsoft chairman will kick off the Las Vegas gadget fest; meanwhile Europe's CeBIT is taking on more of an IT flavor

Though he plans to transition to part-time Microsoft employee next year, Chairman Bill Gates isn't leaving the tech stage. In fact, he will assume his usual place in the tech world, delivering the opening keynote for the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show, which takes place in January.

Also on the lineup announced Thursday are Intel CEO Paul Otellini and Toshihiro Sakamoto, president of Panasonic's AVC Networks Company unit. The show runs from Jan 7 to 10, with Gates kicking things off on January 6, the Sunday before the event officially gets under way.

Meanwhile, in other trade show news, The Register notes that CeBIT, the massive German tech show, is taking on more of an IT flavor this year.