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Garmin recalls some Nuvi GPS units

Roughly 1.25 million of Garmin's Nuvi GPS units contain a battery at risk of overheating.

The Garmin 260W is one of the models affected.

Garmin on Wednesday issued a worldwide recall of 1.25 million Nuvi GPS units, saying the batteries can overheat and pose a fire hazard.

Roughly 1.25 million units are affected, with 796,000 of those in the U.S. Garmin said there have been 10 cases of the batteries overheating, but no injuries or significant property damage.

Models affected by the recall include the 200W, 250W, and 260W, and 7xx and 7xxT units (where xx is a two-digit number). The third-party supplier of the battery, which Garmin didn't name, will split the cost of replacing the battery packs, the PND maker said. Consumers with a Garmin Nuvi GPS can enter its serial number on a special site Garmin has set up to see if they're impacted.

In the U.S., customers can also call 1-866-957-1981 for more information.