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Garmin goes big with Nuvi 200W and Nuvi 250W

Garmin introduces wide-screen Nuvi 200W and Nuvi 250W GPS models.

Bonnie Cha Former Editor
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Bonnie Cha
Garmin Nuvi 200W
Garmin Nuvi 200W Garmin

The Garmin Nuvi family of GPS devices just keeps growing and growing, and today the company added two new members to the crew: the Garmin Nuvi 200W and the Nuvi 250W. Both models are similar to the Garmin Nuvi 200 we just reviewed, except they boast larger 4.3-inch touch screens (versus 3.5 inches). The 200W comes preloaded with maps of the contiguous United States, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, while the 250W throws in maps of Canada and Alaska to boot. Like the rest of the Nuvi series, the pair offers tools for the traveler, including currency and unit converters, a world clock, and optional SD cards with travel guides and foreign language dictionaries. The Garmin Nuvi 200W and Nuvi 250W are expected to drop in July for $499.99 and $549.99, respectively.