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Garmin adds new wilderness GPS models

The touch-screen Oregon 450 and 450t navigation devices give hikers an updated interface and improved track navigation, the GPS device maker says.

Garmin's Oregon 450t wilderness GPS device
Garmin's Oregon 450t wilderness GPS device

Garmin announced two new midrange touch-screen GPS devices Tuesday, the $399 Oregon 450 and $499 Oregon 450t for hikers or others who want a navigation system in the wilderness.

Both the models offer a 3-inch color display that can be operated even with gloved hands, the company said. Among improvements over earlier models are user-selectable "dashboard" interfaces, high-speed USB, photo navigation, a three-axis electronic compass that compensates when the device is tilted, and better track navigation that shows upcoming changes in elevation. Like earlier models, the 450 and 450t have a barometric altimeter and can exchange tracks, waypoints, routes, and geocaches with various newer Garmin GPS systems.

The 450t also has built-in 100,000:1 scale topographic maps for the United States and 3D perspective to better gauge terrain elevation. That map includes major trails, roads, coastlines, rivers, lakes, parks, and wilderness areas, Garmin said.

Both are due to ship in the first quarter of 2010, the company said.

The units also come with utility software for Mac or Windows computers to bring details of paper or electronic maps to the device.