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Gangnam Style flash mob 9,000 strong storms Sicily

Europe's youth unemployment problem isn't helping the economy, but it sure helps fuel a wicked public dance party.

The faces of Europe's economic crisis.
Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Times are tough economically in Europe and rates of youth unemployment are crazy-high. Sounds like the perfect conditions for an epic Italian flash mob, Gangnam Style.

You wouldn't know the continental economy has been on the brink of catastrophe for some time now by the way thousands of mostly young folks emulated the now renowned style that mocks life in an affluent Korean suburb.

Last week an estimated 9,000 folks crowded into the Piazza Verdi in Palermo on the Italian isle of Sicily, many set to do their best Psy impression, right down to the slick duds and shades. Watch the not-quite-coordinated mass of humanity below, and don't forget to sample some Klingon Style and see how much this whole meme is worth while you're at it.

(Via Mashable)