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Gandalf to officiate at Captain Picard's wedding

Nerd bells are ringing. Ian McKellen's latest geek dream role will be as officiant at buddy Patrick Stewart's wedding.

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart
Please dress like this for the wedding.
The Hobbit/Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Few actors have gathered as much geek street cred as Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, with credits for "Star Trek," "The Lord of the Rings," and "X-Men" between them. Now, there's news of a crossover most of us didn't see coming: McKellen says he will officiate at Stewart's upcoming nuptials.

Let's savor this for a moment. Gandalf will be officiating Captain Picard's wedding. Magneto will be helping Professor Xavier get hitched. I know it's too much to hope they'll do it in costume, but a gal can dream. I'm imagining McKellen in a Magneto costume with a Gandalf hat and beard, while Stewart dons a "Star Trek" uniform and sits in a clear plastic wheelchair (just in case Magneto decides to act up).

Presumably, Stewart has declared that he is engaged, but no date has been announced publicly for his marriage to jazz singer Sunny Ozell. Here's betting they'll have to work around some filming schedules.

McKellen let the world know about his role in the nerdy nuptials during an interview on "The Jonathan Ross Show." Even better, he had just been hanging out in the green room with Matt Smith from "Doctor Who" and Charles Dance from "Game of Thrones." My geek cup runneth over.

(Via The Mary Sue)