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Gaming underfoot: Fragpedal Deluxe

A strange gaming peripheral lets your feet do the fragging.

I've seen plenty of offbeat gaming peripherals, and these are some of the strangest. The Fragpedal Deluxe, sold at ThinkGeek, finally lets you put your feet into gaming. The Fragpedal Deluxe is a set of two hard panels, each with two buttons. You set them on the floor under your desk and bind the buttons to different commands. Tap your left foot to throw a grenade, stomp your right foot to taunt an enemy, et cetera. Few of us are nimble and dainty enough to handle keyboards and mice with our toes, but stepping on a set of buttons mapped to frequently used commands should be much easier. Of course, this is all nice in theory, but let's see how well the pedals work and how long they'll last under my stompy, twitchy size 12's.