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Roll the dice: Gaming goes face-to-face on TableTop Day

Challenge friends to a round of your favorite board game or RPG for International TableTop Day. Wil Wheaton, Geek & Sundry founder Felicia Day, and other celebs explain why tabletop gaming is so fun.

Play your favorite board games, or learn a new one, on International TableTop Day. Geek & Sundry

Get ready to dust off that old Monopoly box or relive your love of magic and mayhem courtesy of Dungeons and Dragons. Saturday brings International TableTop Day, a celebration of tabletop gaming -- whether a simple board game like Ticket to Ride or a more elaborate role-playing game like Fiasco.

Gamers can find gaming events near them or create their own party on

Created by Geek & Sundry's own "TableTop" show hosted by actor Wil Wheaton and produced by actress Felicia Day, this annual event, now in its second year, aims to remind people how much they love to gather around a table and play games.

"I love the fact that we created an international event to raise awareness of how great tabletop gaming is," Day told Crave. "More people playing games in public will encourage awareness and hopefully convince more people to jump in, try games they've never heard of."

Added actress and "TableTop" guest player Alison Haislip, "With technology quickly allowing us to interact with each other without ever having to be in person, it's great to celebrate a truly interactive form of entertainment that requires us to be face to face."

Download freebies like Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton standees, as well as a paper trophy for the winners of your gaming parties. Many participating stores having TableTop Day events will also be handing out exclusive goodies, including a card from Seven Wonders of Wheaton himself, a complete game of Love Letter, limited-edition Gloom cards, and dueling figures from Krosmaster.

Gamers needing primers on how to play games like Pandemic, Small World, Forbidden Island, Settlers of Catan, Munchkin, Say Anything, Fiasco, Chez Geek, Gloom, King of Tokyo, Smash Up, Star Wars X-Wing, Star Trek Catan, Qwirkle, Zombie Dice, Elder Sign, and more, can brush up on game play basics while watching the likes of Wheaton, Day, Jeri Ryan, Seth Green, Grant Imahara, Pat Rothfuss, Amber Benson, Chris Hardwick, Hannah Hart, Jonah Ray, Matt Mira, Colin Ferguson, Phil LaMarr, and more on the Web series "TableTop."

Download your very own Wil Wheaton to watch over your board game activities. Geek & Sundry

"In an age where technology enables us to do nearly everything from a computer screen, gaming helps maintain relationships in the most fun way imaginable," "Caper" Web series creator and "TableTop" guest player Amy Berg told Crave. "There are so many stressors in life, sometimes we just need to laugh and unwind. Games are the perfect ammunition."

"Games bring out an amazing side of people you don't often see otherwise," Clare Grant, a "TableTop" guest player, told Crave.

Follow TableTop Day on Twitter to post pictures, connect with other gamers, and celebrate worldwide.