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Gaming boy falls onto subway tracks

A 10-year-old Italian boy is so engrossed in his PSP that he falls onto the subway tracks. Video shows him falling and being rescued by a policeman before a train arrives.

This video might just amuse but only because no one was hurt in the making of it.

At least not seriously hurt, as in decapitated.

Here is a 10-year-old Italian boy, deeply engrossed in his PSP game. Here he is wandering along a subway platform in Loreto, Milan.

And there he is not noticing that the platform has a limit, after which it becomes, well, railway track.

According to the Daily Mail, it was an off-duty policeman, Alessandro Micalizzi, who leaped down to rescue the boy before a train ruined his life expectancy.

Micalizzi was quoted in the Mail as saying: "It was only afterward when I heard the other passengers clapping and cheering that I stopped and thought about what I had done and my heart was in my throat."

At least the boy wasn't texting like the woman who fell into a Pennsylvania shopping mall fountain and then reportedly sued the mall for not having a barrier around the fountain.

I wonder if the fall affected the boy's score. It would be awful if he'd have had to start all over again.