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GameStop buys Flash game site Kongregate

CEO of San Francisco-based Kongregate says the site will live on, and maybe even get better with some cash from the new owners.

Gamestop and Kongregate logos

San Francisco-based Flash game site Kongregate has been acquired by game retailer GameStop. The deal was formally announced on Kongregate's blog, as well as a press release by GameStop's corporate unit. The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

In a note to Kongregate's user, Kongregate co-founder and CEO Jim Greer said that GameStop's offer was one of many, but that GameStop's was the best fit for the site because of "the degree to which they get what we're doing, and value it for what it is."

Greer went on to say that the site will not be changing its core mission of offering free games, or playing host to independent developers, and that becoming a part of a bigger company would actually help expand its resources. For instance, the company currently has five programmers on staff, which Greer says will increase.

Greer also hinted at integrating GameStop's PowerUp rewards program, which gives away in-game bonuses and savings to free and paid subscribers, into Kongregate's achievements system. "We've always wanted to give people some kind of tangible rewards for the achievements and the rewards they earn on Kongregate, and GameStop has a great way of doing it," Greer said.

Kongregate was launched in October 2006 by Greer and his sister Emily. The site now boasts 10 million monthly unique users, 30,000 games, and more than 1,000 new games every month.