Games meet dentistry with the PediSedate

Scariest kids' toy we've seen in a while is essentially a Game Boy modified to distract kids while they're pumped full of nitrous oxide to knock them unconscious for dental surgery.

Matt Hickey
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Matt Hickey

Sometimes we hear about gadgets that are made for good but could definitely be used for evil. Take the PediSedate, a combo gaming device and sedation machine.

It's essentially a Game Boy system modified to distract kids ages 3 to 9 with Tetris or something while they're pumped full of nitrous oxide to knock them unconscious for dental surgery. Sounds evil, even though it's intended to make things easier on the kid.

But that's not all it does. The colorful headset includes systems to monitor the patient, such as a pulse-oximeter to slightly adjust the flow of gas in real time, meaning it's safer for the kid than just raw gas.

Boston-area anesthesiologist Dr. Geoffrey Hart, the company's founder, received grants totaling $1.8 million from the NIH and the Albert Einstein Society to make his vision into a product. New England product design company Design Continuum delivered prototypes.

No word whether a DSi version might be in the works to update the idea, but we wouldn't doubt it. The PediSedate is not exactly brand new, but we've apparently been anesthetized, so we're wondering if any of our readers have ever come across one.

(Via OhGizmo)