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GameBone Pro's Bluetooth gamepad goes to the dogs

GameBone Pro for the iPhone and iPod Touch resembles a nice juicy doggie bone, right down to the color.

GameBone Pro

Well, I'll be doggone. External gamepads have gone to the dogs, it seems, with the GameBone for the iPhone and iPod Touch resembling a nice juicy doggie bone, right down to the color. The good thing here is that it adds real physical buttons (eight-way d-pad with six buttons) to the buttonless iPhone, with a stand bundled to prop up the Apple device in use.

Then again, a bone of contention is that this makes for a whole lot of cumbersome when it comes to portable gaming on the commute. The good news? The folks at Australia-based 22moo have since announced work on a clip-on rotating "I" stand that will allow the GameBone Pro to be attached to the iPhone/iPod touch while in use.

Specs-wise, connection is via Bluetooth or through a 30-pin dock connector cable. There are also built-in speakers, a mic, a 3.5 audio headphone jack, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery, though we don't know if this has an onboard accelerometer to handle such games from the App Store.

This GameBone Pro a September launch date, with pricing interestingly open to suggestions from the floor ($1, anyone?). Let's hope that by the time this rolls, it won't end up in the doghouse for being too much of a funny (Game)Bone.

(Source: Crave Asia via Gizmodo)