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'Game of Thrones' mega-quiz: Test your Westeros wisdom

As season 6 of the HBO series approaches, find out how much you know about the sinister world of the Seven Kingdoms. When you play the Game of Thrones quiz, you win or you...don't win.

Season 6 of "Game of Thrones" is coming faster than a White Walker in winter, but do you even remember what happened in season 5? After all, it's been months (that's centuries in Westeros time) since Theon and Sansa took their big leap and Jon Snow, well...did he or didn't he?

In preparation for Sunday's premiere, we've put together a "Thrones" trivia quiz that spans all the show's seasons. Do you know nothing or could you outwit the likes of Varys and Littlefinger? Once you've proven your mettle in battle with the "Thrones" test, you'll want to test your wits against our George R.R. Martin quiz.

And if you plan to tweet the premiere Sunday, be sure to add the #GoTCNET hastag to your stabby stabby sexy sexy observations. We'll share our favorite reader tweets on Monday. Because a Lannister always shares his reader's tweets.